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ROUSIX will empower the leaders of tomorrow to meet new challenges with knowledge and confidence. 


When beginning a new project that is designed to help America’s children, a company must be careful. A bottom line number must not be your only – or even your primary concern. You must interact with real lives in a real way. Mistakes and/or mis-steps can inflict real harm.


To begin, it helps to consider some questions:


1) Why are we doing this?

2) Is there a real need for your product?

3) How is your product different from what is currently available?

4) What can we do? (Not necessarily. What do we want to do?)

5) Is the process sustainable?

 Before we answer these questions, we must make a few general comments. You must be careful to avoid random attempts at finding an answer. 

You must develop a clear plan with clearly defined strategies and goals. 


Mission Statement

ROUSIX will provide high quality educational materials to all students at the level where they are, not where they are supposed to be. 

So let's deal with the questions:

1) Why are we doing this?


The answer here should never be: “to make money.” At ROUSIX, we believe that all children can learn, but our view goes beyond this. We believe that children can thrive in the classroom and learn to make better educational decisions if given an opportunity and proper motivation. ROUSIX wants to give all students a leg up and help them achieve the maximal success.

2) Is there a real need for your product?


American schools are in a state of crisis. Millions of students lag behind their peers. The reasons are myriad: lack of interest, lack of understanding, lack of preparation, among others. You will notice that these are not necessarily classroom problems. If the problem is not in the classroom, it must be confronted where it is actually at. ROUSIX is a program that students will complete at home. They will do extra academic tasks in exchange for real rewards.

3) How is your product different from what is currently available?


Most current solutions focus on the classroom; our focus is on the individual student in a personal/private setting.

4) What can we do?


It’s easy in these things to make grandiose claims. You can cut the dropout rate in half. You can solve all of society’s problems. This is, of course, nonsense.

Our goal is a bit more modest, but it is vital and achievable. We want each student in ROUSIX to increase at least one grade level a year. We want to produce students who are at least ready for their current grade level when it’s time to begin each year. If students are ready for a year, it is probable that they will succeed.

5) Is it sustainable?


Coming up with an idea is only half the battle. There must be sufficient funding to ensure that it can continue to exist. We believe that ROUSIX is sustainable after the initial investment. 

Do You Believe?

ROUSIX -- "The Future of Education."

We firmly believe that ROUSIX will serve a vital need in our society. We are committed to improving educational opportunities and outcomes for children in the United States and, ultimately, the world.

We believe that human potential is limited only by a failure to commit to its growth. We affirm that children are our future and that society has an unalterable obligation to improve our world by improving the future of all children. 




Educational models must consider many issues in developing a philosophical framework.  In this section, we will examine three major areas of thought: Psychological, Sociological, and Educational concerns. For children to learn, these areas must be addressed.

First, we must define exactly what we believe about education. We must explain why we make choices about our educational model.

All of ROUSIX is predicated upon three guiding principles. We are:

1)  Student-Focused 

We believe that the student must be the architect of his or her own education if it is to succeed. Thus, any educational program must focus on the individual student. We want to meet the student at where he or she is actually at, not where standards say they are supposed to be. It is not helpful to give a sixth grader, who is reading at a fourth grade level, passages written at his or her chronological grade level. 

We approach them at the level where they are, and provide remediation to ensure that they will reach an appropriate grade level. Each student must be treated as an individual.  All students have different emotional and intellectual needs that must be met if learning is to be achieved.

2)  Research-Centered

ROUSIX will rely on methods that are informed by current educational research. We will always check our methodology to ensure that our processes follow accepted protocols. We will strive to seek-and find-innovation. 

Note:  There is a difference between research and pontification. We will follow Peer-reviewed studies as opposed to pundits or politicians.

3)  Goal-Oriented

ROUSIX is committed to allowing all students to secure educational outcomes. All children can, and should, learn. This is our first and most important goal. 

As a result, we focus on outcomes. Offering opportunity is easy. All students have an opportunity to be exposed to an education. Outcomes are different. Outcomes must be sought; nothing worthwhile is free.

Many students will come to the ROUSIX platform under-prepared. We must produce them a safe, supportive environment in which they can catch up with their peers and must forge ahead. We will not rate students by performance on state standardized test 

(though we will teach how to take them). 

We will focus on stronger measures of achievement: taking college entrance exams, passing the exams, and continually assisting a percentage of our students who graduate from college (or are attending) at one, three, five or ten years after high school graduation. For our younger students, their primary goal will be to work at grade-level or above.

We believe that developing student confidence within our program, will carryover to the classroom and ensure that we have helped the students to become ready to face the rigors of school and, ultimately, of modern society.

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We are a supplemental education program who will incentivize students to learn. We believe that by making learning fun as well as using a “carrot” to prod recalcitrant students forward, we can create future generations of lifelong learners.

As this happens, your job becomes easier and more fun.

Imagine a class of motivated, inquisitive learners who understand how to think critically. There’s less remediation because we will provide it for you and we want it to be free to our (and your) students.

We envision this as world-changing, but in the best possible way: one child at a time.

Teachers, Parents, & Students, stay tuned to this link for future updates about this revolutionary program.  

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